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Hello Again World!

It’s been while (over a year!) since I last posted here. Work got busy, the Java game fell through, and just didn’t have time to mess around with my Python project or blog. Well, I might get back into this as an artist friend of mine has been interested with learning Unity3D and experimenting with creating a game. I, also been wanting to check out Unity3D, eagerly jumped on board to help out with the scripting. So, from Python to Javascript and now to C#, I seem to be getting a healthy exposure to some common scripting languages! 

Unfortunately, this project is a private one to protect our art assets. We may open it up in the future or may pursue actually trying to put something on the app market. Who knows! Either way, I’d still like to post what I can here and maybe show off some releases if we can ever make something presentable! 

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A Little Break from The First Fantasy

With v0.1 released, I feel like it’s in a nice, stable place to sit for a little while. In the meantime, I’ve volunteered to join a small group of my friends in our attempt to make a web game. This is something I’ve never really done before. JavaScript is mostly foreign to me, especially CSS and advanced web concepts. However, I’ve found and have been using a handy tool called pyjs (or PyJamas). It literally takes your python code and compiles it into JavaScript. It also provides a number of modules to facilitate a more “web focused” design. This is also my first “real” attempt at running the entire game through GUI elements.

We’re starting off with a simple Blackjack game to make sure we can get through the entire process (brainstorm, design, art, code, web stuff, hosting) without too many problems. If it all works out and we’re mildly impressed, we may try to make some actual attempts at bringing in some money with future games. It should be fun and already is a definite learning opportunity. I’ll post some information about it when I can, but we’d like to be as hush-hush about it until we know what the hell we’re doing!

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Hello and Welcome


My name is Dale Everett, and I’ve created this blog to keep myself sane while working on a project of mine called, The First Fantasy. The First Fantasy is, simply, a text-based role-playing game written in the Python coding language. It’s a continuous work in progress and for now, I’ve been the sole author but that may change in the near future.

So, a little about me. I’ve graduated with a Bachelor’s in Embedded Systems Engineering and Associates in Computer Engineering not long ago and currently working for a major EDA company. However, I’ve always had a longing for simple, fun software programs that have nothing to do with hardware. My passion started way back when I was 13 and was attending a summer tech camp. There, I first learned Java and collaborated on a little game that we called The First Fantasy. I held on to the project for awhile, doing a couple updates here and there, but really for my own learning experience. Time passed, from college I learned more about C, C++, and various microcontroller languages including Assembly. In my Senior year, I was introduced to Python writing scripts to run tests on a printer. I found an immediate liking to the language. I’m not sure specifically if it was the fascinating string formatting options, the easy to follow syntax, or excellent documentation, but in any case, I suddenly had a passion for Python. I was able to use Python for a few school projects that year, but soon I had graduated and was busy moving to Portland for my job.

Only now, about a year later, have I indulged myself pack into Python. I decided that re-creating The First Fantasy from my youth would be the perfect way to pick up new skills and have fun at the same time. So, after about three weeks of on-off development, I’ve been impressed with how well the project has come along. So much, that I want to start a blog (my first ever!) to talk about my experiences and share my game with you! I hope to be making at least two posts a week, but it all depends on my free-time during the evenings and if any significant progress has been made. I’m glad you could take the time to stop by. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

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