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Dev Update – Adjusting Art Style

Before making this post, I realized I didn’t have a category for simply posting updates on work that wasn’t tied in to some release or patch notes. Well, I guess now is as good as any to introduce Development Updates! For the premiere of these posts, I wanted to show a little teaser of our current and possibly future art style we’ll be going with.

The current style being used.

The current style being used. http://ashnovember.com/

Pretty sweet, huh? You can thank Stewart Leith for that and check out more of his work at his own blog. Those waves are animated, too! Obviously, we went with a bit of a retro, pixelated look. Nothing wrong with that, but it turned out to be quite limiting (just check out Stewart’s stuff, epic potential!). So yesterday, he sent me a simple concept of what the new look could be, changing the game into more of a platformer than a runner.

The planned style for the near future.

The planned style for the near future. http://ashnovember.com/

Much more painterly, interesting to look at, and putting some parallax onto these scenes is gonna be a treat. Maybe I can get some gifs up then to show that off. Might even play around with the current scene to test it. Anyway, I hope that has wet your appetite for a bit of content for now. More to come later this week!

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Wrapping up v0.1

I haven’t posted in awhile as I’ve been pretty busy this last weekend getting my girlfriend moved in and with the release of Guild Wars 2, but I have done a few updates on our code and we’re getting close to getting v0.1 ready. You can see here that there are only a few issues left. Map readability may not make it into this release unless someone finds a quick, awesome way of going about it, but as of now, I don’t think it’s work throwing too much time into as it is “working” already. This release will definitely feature all functionality in place. There won’t be an option that doesn’t work or an operating system unsupported. The features may not be as polished as I and others would like, but there will always be room for advancement.

After this release, I’m going to be changing the Downloads page to include the following for each release (if applicable):

  • Executable (Windows Only)
  • Source Zipball
  • Changelist Post
  • Contributors: <List of Contributors>

I found that I could actually choose any commit from the repository’s history and download the Zipball at that moment in time. This should allow me to link to the specific releases instead of overriding each time when the “master” get branch will be updated with a new release or patch. Anyway, I’m going to be at PAX this weekend, so unless something amazing happens code-wise, the release should be out early next week.

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Suggestions and Ideas for v0.09

The next release, v0.09, is definitely looking to be a lot of cleanup work, but there will be some additions in store. If you’ve already checked out the source, you may have noticed that unique items (known as rare items for now) are getting implemented. Thanks to Onionnion, the code is also now a lot closer to PEP-8 code style standards than before.

Suggestions big and small are certainly welcome. Got an idea for a cool weapon/armor/consumable? Name for a zone? Maybe some tweaks to the UI? Comment here or submit an issue on github! Bigger features can certainly be requested, but they may not be ready for v0.09. Something like buffs/debuffs may have to wait a little while.

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