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Dev Update – Adjusting Art Style

Before making this post, I realized I didn’t have a category for simply posting updates on work that wasn’t tied in to some release or patch notes. Well, I guess now is as good as any to introduce Development Updates!¬†For the premiere of these posts, I wanted to show a little teaser of our current and possibly future art style we’ll be going with.

The current style being used.

The current style being used. http://ashnovember.com/

Pretty sweet, huh? You can thank Stewart Leith for that and check out more of his work at his own blog. Those waves are animated, too! Obviously, we went with a bit of a retro, pixelated look. Nothing wrong with that, but it turned out to be quite limiting (just check out Stewart’s stuff, epic potential!). So yesterday, he sent me a simple concept of what the new look could be, changing the game into more of a platformer than a runner.

The planned style for the near future.

The planned style for the near future. http://ashnovember.com/

Much more painterly, interesting to look at, and putting some parallax onto these scenes is gonna be a treat. Maybe I can get some gifs up then to show that off. Might even play around with the current scene to test it. Anyway, I hope that has wet your appetite for a bit of content for now. More to come later this week!

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