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5 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Onionnion says:

    You should try making a repo such as a git for it. I’d love to check out your source!

    • Dale Everett says:

      I’ve got a repo going on at codeplex for testing and getting used to the system, but github is definitely looking popular. I’ll try get the code ready for sharing as soon as possible. Documentation is a little lacking at the moment.

      • Onionnion says:

        Git is indeed hard to understand at first and I do know so from experience. You just have to understand how the repo’s actually work with handling data, then it just comes together as, “oh, this is darn simple.” Many guides fail to explain this, including Try-Git.

  2. Horst JENS says:

    i’m glad i found your project ! Do you have an github link or some link to the source code (i want to play on linux). Also if you proved a flattr link, i subscribe for 12 months

    • Dale Everett says:

      Thanks! I spent last night learning some more about git and github. I was previously using subversion for testing, but I think I might stick with git. You can expect a post later today announcing code availability!

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