Release – v0.1


It’s here! Although lacking in significant map/travel changes, 8 other significant changes have been made. Many of the changes have been to items and inventory usage while in combat. The market (used to be the shop) is now working in towns and only supplies existing consumables. More interesting things will be added here for sure as a way for the player to gather gear that they may have missed while exploring. Saving and loading games now allows any name to be used for the file. There is no overwrite warning for now, but it will be put in soon. Otherwise, enjoy the game! Send in your feedback or even make some contributions!


  • Run option in combat
  • Player can now “die” can not fight until healed in some way
  • Rework and cleanup of inventory and item equipping
  • Inventory is now usable in combat, but equipping gear will skip your next turn
  • Clearer inventory messaging
  • Market system added
  • Save system overhaul

Known Issues



Windows Only Executable: 0.1

Source: 0.1

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