Suggestions and Ideas for v0.09

The next release, v0.09, is definitely looking to be a lot of cleanup work, but there will be some additions in store. If you’ve already checked out the source, you may have noticed that unique items (known as rare items for now) are getting implemented. Thanks to Onionnion, the code is also now a lot closer to PEP-8 code style standards than before.

Suggestions big and small are certainly welcome. Got an idea for a cool weapon/armor/consumable? Name for a zone? Maybe some tweaks to the UI? Comment here or submit an issue on github! Bigger features can certainly be requested, but they may not be ready for v0.09. Something like buffs/debuffs may have to wait a little while.

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14 thoughts on “Suggestions and Ideas for v0.09

  1. This isn’t an idea for an item or something in the game, but I noticed that it uses “cls” to clear the screen. Problem is, this doesn’t work on Linux, and instead you get this:

    sh: CLS: not found

    This could be fixed by detecting the user’s OS (the platform module works pretty well) and using “cls” if it is Windows, and “clear” on anything else.

    • Dale Everett says:

      Literally just got an email from another Unix user who noticed this. Also the PAUSE command doesn’t exist in Unix either. I’ll get module made to hold the platform dependent information and get this working tonight. Certainly worth getting a fix out as soon as possible on this. Thanks!

      • I keep getting things like this as well:

        You make your way to Desolate Plains
        Health: 30/30
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “”, line 13, in
        done = game.homescreen()
        File “/home/adam/Documents/The First Fantasy/”, line 113, in homescreen
        File “/home/adam/Documents/The First Fantasy/”, line 141, in explore
        combat.combat(player, opponent)
        File “/home/adam/Documents/The First Fantasy/”, line 35, in combat
        action = getAction(a,b)
        File “/home/adam/Documents/The First Fantasy/”, line 13, in getAction
        print “P: {:2} P: {:2} T: {:2} V: {:2}”.format(b.stat_list[0],b.stat_list[1],b.stat_list[2],b.stat_list[3])
        ValueError: zero length field name in format


        [—Character Sheet—]
        Name: Tux (Level: 1)
        Health: 50/50
        Gold: 0
        Exp: 0/1000
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “”, line 13, in
        done = game.homescreen()
        File “/home/adam/Documents/The First Fantasy/”, line 92, in homescreen
        File “/home/adam/Documents/The First Fantasy/”, line 275, in getCharacterSheet
        print “\nPower: {} (+{})”.format(self.stat_list[0]+self.equipment_stat_list[0],self.equipment_stat_list[0])

        I’m kind of a noob with Python, and I have no idea what is going wrong here, but I thought I could let you know at least.

        • Dale Everett says:

          I think I got a fix almost ready for the OS dependent stuff. It was really me being lazy and not looking out for my Unix brethren.

          I must ask, what version of Python are you using? It looks to me like the {} format fields are not working for you. In pre-2.7, they had to look like this:

          “Blah blah {0} blah {1} blah”.format(blah,blah)

          but now in 2.7+ they can look like this:

          “Blah blah {} blah {} blah”.format(blah,blah)

          If it turns out to be a big issue, I’ll revert to the more mature standard.

    • Onionnion says:

      I noticed this as well. I’d commit something into the git but I’m honestly not sure what the command to clear the screen would be.

  2. Another problem I noticed; at “Your House” it is impossible to shop, as entering “s” saves.

  3. And another: saving doesn’t work correctly on Linux; it would be better to use forward slashes instead of backslashes.

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