New Release – v0.07

Whenever I add a new download to the blog, I’ll do a release post like this to explain changes, new features, or feedback that I’m looking for. Obviously, this comment won’t exist for all of them.


This is the first release where I’ve felt the game is now in a playable state. Major additions include the ability to save your game and continue from any previous save game. These saved files are stored in the ./saves folder using <playername>.bin. Even though they’re .bin files, the contents will be in ascii and partly legible. Crucial information will be unreadable, but modification can corrupt the save file or possibly change attributes of the game. Hack at your own risk! I’ll eventually convert these save files to true binary.


  • Added save feature to the zone screens.
  • Added continue feature to title screen.
  • Added quit feature to the zone screens.
  • Added one town zone.
  • Added one wild zone. These zone additions are to test higher difficulty rating (DR) areas.

Known Issues

  • No “death” yet. You will be at 0 health, but you can still travel and return to a town to rest.
  • World will occasionally be very small when generated.


Windows Only Executable: v0.07

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2 thoughts on “New Release – v0.07

  1. Horst JENS says:

    the v0.07 download link does not work in my browser ( browser tab simply closes). please link to github additionally.

    • Dale Everett says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve updated all Executable links in the Downloads page and the Changelist posts like this one to point to the github downloads. These are direct links and should immediately start a download. If they don’t, let me know and I’ll see what I can do as an alternative.

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